FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How is non-alcoholic beer produced?

Non-alcoholic beers can be produced using two different methods. Either the beer is first brewed as alcoholic beer before the alcohol is subsequently removed from it very gently at particularly low temperatures in a vacuum. Or the fermentation process is stopped before a significant amount of alcohol (maximum 0.5% by volume) can form. Clausthaler is being produced with the second method described above.

Where is Clausthaler brewed?

Clausthaler was introduced to the market by Binding-Brauerei in Frankfurt/Main in the 1970s, setting standards for non-alcoholic beer from the outset. Clausthaler is now brewed at the Dortmunder Actien-Brauerei.

What makes Clausthaler so special? - The pioneer of non-alcoholic beers

Clausthaler is the pioneer and epitome of non-alcoholic beer in Germany. To this day, Clausthaler is the only brand that exclusively offers non-alcoholic varieties.

Is Clausthaler vegan?

Yes, all Clausthaler products are vegan.

Has the taste changed?

No, the taste of all four varieties remains the familiar Clausthaler taste.

Why is there a design relaunch for Clausthaler?

As pioneers of non-alcoholic beers in Germany, we strive for continuous improvement. With our new packaging, we aim to represent an active lifestyle, consistent with our purely non-alcoholic portfolio. Alongside the fresh bottle design, our non-alcoholic beers remain unchanged.

Is there a difference from the previous Clausthaler?

The only difference lies in the change of design. Both the content and the company behind Clausthaler remain the same. Therefore, one can still expect the same taste with consistent quality.