The 1970s

Throughout the 1970s, Clausthaler plays a significant role in reshaping the beer industry through its advancements in non-alcoholic brewing. From questioning traditional norms in 1972 to introducing Controlled Fermentation in 1973, Clausthaler embraces innovation despite initial doubts and explores new territories. In 1979, Clausthaler strategically markets ist brew as "Prinzenbier", leveraging the appeal of a new light beer to gain acceptance from bar owners and retailers before disclosing its non-alcoholic nature. This calculated approach strengthens Clausthaler‘s position in the market ahead of the official launch later that year, heralding a paradigm shift and positioning Clausthaler as a pioneering force in the industry, poised to redefine the essence of beer for a new era.

The 1980s

In the '80s, Clausthaler navigates unique challenges, marketing non-alcoholic beer to diverse demographics like doctors and truck drivers. Achieving milestones like brewing 30,000HL in 1980 and dominating the German market with a 55% share in 1981, Clausthaler solidifies its reputation.
Expanding globally in 1982, Clausthaler's export journey reaches Austria, Switzerland, and the USA, initiating a flavorful global expedition.
By 1986, iconic marketing campaigns inspired by 'James Bond' and 'Miami Vice' propel Clausthaler to the forefront. The slogan: "Everything a beer needs" becomes a hallmark.
Finally, in 1989, Clausthaler's global reach expands to over 50 countries, making it a staple in beer culture worldwide.

The 1990s

In 1991, non-alcoholic beer emerges as the biggest segment, with Clausthaler leading the charge by brewing an impressive 1.5 million HL, marking a milestone in the brew game. By 1995, Clausthaler diversifies its offerings with Extra Herb winning 'Beer Of The Year'.


Clausthaler Radler Lemon debuts, fusing the award-winning Claushaler Original with fresh lemonade – causing a splash in the N/A beer scene.


In 2015, breaking norms – Clausthaler Amber/Dry Hopped launches in the U. S. The world's first Dry Hopped N/A turns heads, proving craft can be alcohol-free with flair.


Embracing the future, Clausthaler unveils its international look in 2018. It's not just a brew; it's a call to Taste Full Life worldwide. In the same year, Clausthaler Naturtrüb hits shelves in Germany: A naturally hazy, amber-colored brewing innovation with an exceptionally rich flavor.


In 2019, the German Clausthaler range unveils a fresh new design, giving the iconic Clausthaler DNA a contemporary twist.

2020 - 2022

Breaking new ground in 2020, Clausthaler introduces the first N/A beer mix with Grapefruit as well as a winter-season brew. More flavors, more choices. Simultaneously, Clausthaler responds to the increasing demand for natural and reduced-sugar products: In Germany Clausthaler Radler becomes Clausthaler Naturradler with 30 % less sugar – a step towards the future and an active lifestyle.


In 2023, Clausthaler introduces cutting-edge innovations in the US: a non-alcoholic IPA and the inaugural isotonic 0.0 beer. Raising the bar in alcohol-free options.

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